Geld, Währungskonkurrenz und die Instabilität des marktfundamentalen Globalisierungsprojektes

  • Hansjörg Herr
Schlagworte: Geld, Globalisierung, Keynes, Geldsystem


After the Great Recession and unconventional monetary policy, which saved in many countries the financial system, the debate about money and the financial system became popular again. The article analyzes the development of the domestic and global financial systems during the last debates as well as monetary policy and reform policies during and after the Great Recession. It also discusses critical fundamental alternatives for example the proposal to reintroduce a commodity money system or private money like Bitcoins. These debates sometimes mix up the different functions and forms of money. Several contributions based on a Marxian and Keynesian approach clarify functions and forms of money including the possibilities and limitations to stabilize a capitalist economy with monetary policy and reforms of the financial system.


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Herr, H. (2015). Geld, Währungskonkurrenz und die Instabilität des marktfundamentalen Globalisierungsprojektes. PROKLA. Zeitschrift für Kritische Sozialwissenschaft, 45(179), 237–255.
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