Syriza unter Druck

Zu den strategischen Perspektiven des linken Regierungsprojekts in Griechenland

  • Martin Konecny
Schlagworte: Syriza, Griechenland, EU, Eurozone, autoritärer Wettbewerbsetatismus, Troika, EZB


The success or failure of Greece’s left government will be decisive not only for Greece but for the left in Europe in general. The Syriza led government faces obstacles both on the European and on the national level. It becomes increasingly clear that Syriza’s equation for the European level doesn’t add up. The main European institutions want to see Syriza fail and block therefore any acceptable compromise. On the national level the level of political mobilization is low and the question arises if Syriza can maintain its connection with the social movements under the current situation. Despite all obstacles there are still options left to regain the initiative.


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Konecny, M. (2015). Syriza unter Druck. PROKLA. Zeitschrift für Kritische Sozialwissenschaft, 45(179), 325–337.
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