Zwei Zahnbürsten, ein Reiskocher und romantische Liebe

Konstruktion und Verfolgung aufenthaltsrechtlicher Scheinehen in der Bundesrepublik

  • Anna Jüschke
  • Katharina Schoenes
Schlagworte: Deutschland, Familiennachzug, Familienpolitik, Scheinehe


Taking the example of marriages of convenience, the article argues that immigration law reproduces conservative marriage norms. We show that the administrative practices evolving around the assessment of binational marriages that are suspected of aiming at obtaining a residence permit for one of the spouses in fact establish a purpose of marriage which is not covered by legislation. These practices not only are a significant invasion of privacy for the suspected couples, but furthermore are informed by gendered and racialized conceptions of “proper” marriages which are incorporated in influential discourses of migration, family and the nation.


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Jüschke, A., & Schoenes, K. (2013). Zwei Zahnbürsten, ein Reiskocher und romantische Liebe. PROKLA. Zeitschrift für Kritische Sozialwissenschaft, 43(173), 585 -.
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