Die Proteste der Refugees

Eine Bewegung von den Rändern ins Zentrum Europas


  • Andrea Plöger


Protest, Refugees, Europa, Migration, Krise


For the first time refugee and migrant protests have developed into a social movement in Germany. The refugee movement is also part of a transnational network, which has developed during and in accordance with the current protest cycle started by the Arab Spring. Broad mobilizations spring from this movement but have not yet let to substantial changes due to the post-crisis restructuring of the EU with „margin“ and „central“ countries. While the neoliberal restructuring in the global south is causing the „production of migration“ to speed up, also the „99 percent“ in the global north are concerned. The migrant and refugee movement is challenging the base of this neoliberal agenda as it aims at the functioning of deterrence, control and deprivation in the global south and north.


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Plöger, A. (2014). Die Proteste der Refugees: Eine Bewegung von den Rändern ins Zentrum Europas. PROKLA. Zeitschrift für Kritische Sozialwissenschaft, 44(177), 585 -. Abgerufen von https://prokla.de.w018207c.kasserver.com/index.php/PROKLA/article/view/242